Research Projects

Published Manuscripts


Application of the minority stress theory: understanding the mental health of undocumented Latinx immigrants

American Journal of Community Psychology

AJPH.2020.305947 (1).pdf

“Essential” but Expendable: Farmworkers During the COVID-19 Pandemic—The Michigan Farmworker Project

American Journal of Public Health

Conference Presentations


Behavioral and Mental Health Impacts of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

American Public Health Association, 2020

Minority Stress APHA 2019.pdf

Immigration-Related Stress and Coping Through the Lens of the Minority Stress Model

American Public Health Association, 2019

Published Abstracts 

Hurricane María’s Impact on Public Health in Puerto Rico Abstract.pdf

Understanding Hurricane Maria's Impact on Public Health in Puerto Rico

Poster presentation for the 2019 Drexel Urban Health Symposium

SDOH and Puerto Rico Following Hurricane Maria Abstract.pdf

Examining the Social Influences of Adverse Health Outcomes Following a Natural Disaster in Puerto Rico

Oral presentation for the 2019 American Public Health Association Annual Meeting 

Minority Stress and Undocumented Immigrants APHA Abstract.pdf

Understanding Immigration-Related Stress and Coping through the Lens of Minority Stress Theory: Findings from Southeast Michigan

Oral presentation for the 2019 American Public Health Association Annual Meeting 

Poster Presentations

HBHE poster.pdf

Access, Poverty, and Oppression: Social Determinants of Inequity During Times of Crisis in Texas and Puerto Rico

Poster presentation for the Health Behavior and Health Education student symposium

Final - MEA Conference Poster Presentation MVC.ppt

Challenges and Opportunities for Assessment and Data Collection in Disaster Contexts 

Poster presentation for the Michigan Association for Evaluation Conference

Data Visualization Projects


LGB Experience in New York and Access to Healthcare in Puerto Rico

Data visualization portfolio that was created in R by analyzing data from Project STRIDE and explore the intersections between demographic factors, sexual identity, discrimination, stigma, social support and mental health among a sample of straight and Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual (LGB) identifying individuals. Additional data was analyzed from this study in Tableau to explore psychological well-being, self-esteem, and social support from the sample. 

Using QGIS, a map was created to illustrate access to healthcare centers and hospitals in Puerto Rico in 2009. This map was created to illustrate pre-existing deficiencies in geographical access to healthcare given that most of the deaths attributed to Hurricane Maria in 2017 were the result of delays in medical care and the damaged healthcare infrastructure.  

Use the link below to see a Rpubs published version of the portfolio.

Surveys, Questionnaires, and Data Collection Instruments

Survey Development 

Provider Attitudes Towards the Homless Survey Development.pdf

Conceptual Model

Attitudes Towards the Homeless Conceptual Model.pdf

Healthcare Provider Attitudes Towards Homeless Patients Questionnaire

Provider Attitudes Towards the Homeless Questionnaire.pdf